Out and about in Paphos 🌞

On a beautiful sunny day we headed into town to do the harbour walk. It is probably a 5km return walk which takes you along the water front past the Archaeological Park and Tombs of the Kings. It wasn’t very busy, so it was really nice to soak up the fresh sea air and enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean at a leisurely pace [albeit with a bit of a chilly wind – it is winter here!].

All along the walkway are sculptures, I liked this one best as did Colin!! The others were a bit non! The walk was along part of the coast line that has rocky outcrops and a scruffy looking beach [with rubbish!]. Beaches in New Zealand are second to none, and I think that New Zealand is paradise [although not perfect!] compared to what we have seen. Trip Advisor doesn’t even rate any NZ beaches in the top 20! After this trip and inviting hundreds of people to visit us in NZ, this will change. I also noted that Air NZ ranked as the 2nd airline 😊

On Christmas Eve we headed into the city for a wander about, it wasn’t busy so we had a lovely explore. There are some lovely buildings and shops and I really like these pedestrian walkways [although scooters do use them!]

We had also been invited to the local Taverna for dinner and celebrations. We met several of the locals, including the Priest [who dressed up as Santa]. We sat at a table of Expats and I happened to find myself next to a lady called Barbara Armstrong who was the women’s rally championship driver [plus many other titles, including the Speed Queen]. It was great to meet and chat with her and of course I have invited her to New Zealand.

We woke up on Christmas Day to the most sublime morning. We packed up our wee dogs and headed to the coast for a walk (about 30mins from our village). With the Mediterranean sparkling beneath the high puff-ball clouds we dawdled along with the ‘girls’ just exploring and did a bit of rock climbing! I try to do a photo essay of our ‘pets’ [for their owners] while we are looking after them, and I was pretty pleased with how these turned out. We had to find a bigger rock for Bailey [and her wheels] – she just wants to do everything the other two do 💖

Bailey rock-climbing with her wheels 😊

Brandy – super smart wee dog 😊

Peep [neighbours dog] needed a lift up here 😂

We we lucky enough to be invited to the neighbours [Scottish] for Christmas dinner. It was a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings, trifle and mince pies, and of course a wine or three. It was just a lovely evening, and an easy chat with Ken and Aileen, who have lived in Tala Village for 12 years. Their house is 200+ years old but has been modernised and is just lovely. They have 8 cats, one of whom weighs in at 10kg! He was just a big cat – I reckon he should have been named Mowgli.

Just up the road from our village is the Agios Neophytos Monastery, so we headed up there to explore. Neophytos [a Cypriot Monk and hermit] carved his way into the rocks and then created a small church connected to his room, into which he also carved his tomb into, and was buried there until his remains were transferred to the basilica. This was way back in 12AD. Later in the 16AD a domed basilica was built and the monastery still operates today. We found ourselves coming in the back door of the basilica and missed the no photos sign!! Oooops! Only took one photo [inside] before I was enlightened of the policy!!

Ancient olive tree …

There is also a small museum here with significant pottery, religious artefacts and writings dating back to 10AD. Again, the history here was just so fascinating.

So from him and me, happy New Year and all the best for 2019 😊

“With the new year here … dare to do the things you’ve always wanted”


5 thoughts on “Out and about in Paphos 🌞

  1. Happy New Year to you tooooo!!! Keep adventuring and writing – we love reading these blogs!!! More photos of you Shona…… Colin is stealing the limelight

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  2. Wonderful photos and love your potted history! I think it might be a bit of a wrench for you to leave your menagerie behind but more adventures beckon and who knows what’s around the next corner!

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