Visa processed … not long to go!

Golden GateFinally after a 10 week wait, we had our US Consulate interview this morning.  We were processed as we entered the ‘USA’ and were scanned like at the airport.  All our belongings were removed and our passports checked.

We were advised to proceed to ‘window one’ where we were questioned of our intent.  Then moved along to ‘window two’ for more questions and finger printing.  After this we joined a queue for ‘window three’ and were asked yet more questions about our previous trips to the USA.  We both had our original passports, with our Visa’s from 1985.  The ‘clerk’ was impressed with our attention to detail – Colin fessed up that his wife was the organised one!  He asked how long we had been married, wished us on our way and said our passports will be available by Monday or Tuesday 🙂

We have also had confirmation today that our house has been rented, so everything is coming together and we should be able to book our flights early next week.  It is a bit of a bugger that the USA interview took so long, as the prices of the flights have crept up quite a lot!  Anyway, we are nearly there – San Francisco is first on the list 🙂

Next week we will be packing and then I am going to practice living out of a suitcase for a week or two before we leave!!!  This may or may not be helpful with what I need!


One thought on “Visa processed … not long to go!

  1. Brilliant. Glad it’s all coming together. But I think I’d make the most of living in a house while I could. You’ll be quite cramped in a suitcase 😀

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