The cold didn’t last long!

Well we only had one day of cold weather, and it wasn’t really that bad. The last few days have been stunning. Mostly around 28-30 degrees.

With the SeaFair Festival on over the last few days, we have had the Blue Angel fighter jets in the sky every day.

I absolutely love them …. they are very cool! I know they cost a lost and it seems frivolous BUT with the amazing flying skills of these pilots, I can understand why they are an asset to the airforce!!

We decided to go to the aquarium and I so glad we did. I was a bit reluctant, but it had such great reviews. It was just fabulous.

Everything was so well done (except the seal enclosure!!). We ended up being here for more than 3 hours. It was really busy, but then it is still the school holidays here.

The next day we went to the Pacific Science Museum. It was a great museum with lots of hands-on things, a butterfly enclosure and a host of small animal exhibits.

Colin blowing bubbles …

Colin loved all the hands on things and I could see that this would be a great place to visit with kids. We spent quite a bit of time here and had ‘soup in a cob’ for lunch. I love that you can get a meal in a bread loaf … most popular is the chowder, but as we don’t really like seafood we had soup.

From there we walked to the famous ‘gum wall’ – OMG gross, but fascinating and so, so busy!

We chewed a bit gum and left our mark, so to speak. They have tried to get rid of this ‘attraction’ several times, but have now officially given up.

It is right next to the Pike Place Public Markets. What a fun place, so vibrant and interesting – just love it. We will visit there again over the next week, while we finish exploring in the city.

We are just in an AirBnB tonight (on 24th Street), as our house sitting assignment was in two parts. The family holidayed in the south for a week, and then have a night at home, and then are heading north for a week. It is a lovely AirBnB, and has other travellers staying here so we will spend the evening socialising before heading back to 17th Street tomorrow. Downtown Seattle is really close.

One more week here in Seattle and then we are heading to Everett for a few days … it is a short bus trip north, as we head to Vancouver.


One thought on “The cold didn’t last long!

  1. Wow! Can your photos get any better?! I did find the gum wall a bit over the top, but then you are in the good old US of A! Glad you are enjoying yourselves although this is going to be such a long haul in more ways than one so I had better save some superlatives for a bit further down the track.😊

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