Everett, Washington

OMG … we had a behind the scenes tour at Funko! I still can’t believe the timing of our visit there and happening upon Heidi, actually she happened upon us!!

We had walked from our AirBnB into town to catch the bus to Snohomish, but decided to visit Funko first. We had no idea what to expect there, except that we had seen the ‘pop-culture’ figures on the outside of the building (and our new friends Jerry & Chloe had said we should visit).

The capped crusader keeps a watching brief over the Funko HQ

In the ‘staffroom’ at Funko HQ – chair is from Prince’s personal estate!!!!!

From arriving and walking in the door, to finally leaving – it was just an amazing experience. The two security guards who welcomed us when we arrived were just giving us the low-down when one of them recognised our accents. He had been at Otago University for a year. And then Heidi went past and must of overhead our conversations and introduced herself to us. She is the Director of Capitol Construction, Facilities and Security. She had also been to NZ – I mean what is the chance of finding two people in Everett who have been to NZ?!? (Actually we met another young lad at the bus station who had been on a working holiday in NZ for a year – but he was technically from Whidbey Island).

Heidi gave us a quick tour of the public showroom and then took us behind the scenes to the staff area. All I can say is “I want to work here”! WOW! What an incredible company with a wonderful environment and the most famous products. The staff area is A M A Z I N G!! The retail store is A M A Z I N G!! Heidi went out of her way in a busy week (they launch the new Wetmore Forest in the store, and host a block party this Saturday). I mean she was busy!! But she took the time and made us feel so welcome. We had such an incredible time here and were just wowed :-).

We felt incredibly fortunate to have had this experience. We were absolutely buzzing when we left. (check out the Funko story on Netflix or their http://www.funko.com ). For my friends who love pop-culture [and there are a few of you …. you will be soooooo jealous]

So we finally made it to the bus station, only to discover that the bus only runs hourly in the middle of the day so we grabbed an Uber and headed over to Snohomish, which we had quickly visited on Sunday with Jerry & Chloe (who we met on Sunday). What an amazing cute place. There is amazing antique, curios and niche shops – a town that boasts being the antique capital of the northwest. Gorgeous houses in and around town and a lovely river that runs through. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering around and exploring this gorgeous town.

We headed back to over to Everett and shared an evening chatting with our wonderful AirBnB hosts – Elsie and Bill, who made us so welcome in their home. We chatted to them every night we stayed and may have convinced them to visit NZ! (It is actually really cheap for them to visit us at the moment … the NZ$$ has dropped again – now down to 0.63 which is making USA a bit expensive!)

The next day we headed into Everett again and explored this lovely town. It had pianos all around town on the ‘sidewalks’ which people just sat down and played, and then went on their way. There was also amazing street art and sculpture all around town.

This guy is watching the girls playing …

Couldn’t resist playing with the girls 🙂

Hide and seek ….

We visited the Schack Art Centre which was hosting the ‘Americans Interned’ exhibition. It was one family’s story shared through art, and film. You really don’t think of America the great having had concentration camps. It was compelling and heart wrenching, and to think that a few short weeks ago we had been at the Washington State Fair Grounds (for the Hot Rod show) and had no idea of the part it played in the history of the incarceration of the Japanese Americans during WWII. There was also other works from the Artists – Jan & Chris Hopkins – which were less emotive, but very wonderful.

So today we have caught the bus up to Bellingham in Whatcom County, still in Washington State. I had wanted to catch the train, but I made a promise to Colin before we left that I wouldn’t over-organised this trip and just go with the flow. He wanted to just turn up at the train station when we were ready to leave and ‘catch the train’ … I felt we should book, so when we where heading to Snohomish we called into the transit centre, only to discover that the train is one of the most popular train trips in America, and only goes up the coast once a day …. and yes it was booked for the next few days!!!!!!!!!! So no train trip for me! We are going to see if we can book it from here to Vancouver, but will go into town tomorrow and fingers crossed we can make a booking, so I can have my train ride (there may be tears if I don’t!).

Until next time … keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  1. What a wonderful blog Shona! Your experiences are keeping us going through the last gasp of winter here and all the artworks etc are a feast for the eyes. It is almost overwhelming, how on earth will you remember it all!

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