We have walked 500 miles ….

… and we will walk 500 more!

It is fall here and Vancouver is looking beautiful. We have glorious sunsets, misty moody mornings and then stunning days. Here’s hoping it continues for the next 10 days 🌞

A couple of days ago we hired bikes and took ourselves around Stanley Park – it is such a wonderful place to visit [and easy to bike / walk around because it is flat]. You see the totem poles which are the First Nation Art and remind me of the carvings we have at home. We cycled under Lions Gate bridge [which we sailed under on our cruise], and rode the entire way around the seawall, seeing a sealion wrestling with an octopus just offshore.

The harbour is just so busy! Shipping, cruise liners, ferries and so many other people out on the water [or lying about in trees 😊]. We see it all from our apartment as well and love being close to the water.

Colin found this little VW in the park, and we have seen another since BUT we are not camping in one of those! Firstly it is getting cold and secondly – where does the luggage go? πŸ€”

This hotel is supposedly haunted … who knows?!? It does look beautiful though with the ivy changing colour.

A-maze-ing Laughter is a public art sculpture just on the edge of Stanley Park. It consists of 14 giant bronze statues all laughing in different poses. Of course everyone stops here and copies the the poses!! We weren’t any different!! 😁

One block over from us is the local theatre and we had seen that they had a play that was on a bus! Only 35 tickets each night. It is a one-man-band show and he plays various characters from his life as an indigenous man who was bought up both in the city and on a reservation. The bus takes you around town and to some of the places he ended up, including the famous Hastings street. (We had been up here during the day on a bus, but by night it was horrific. I cannot believe that this ‘community’ continues to grow in this area – people are drugged / drunk up to the max and the shops have closed on the street giving the area a very unwelcome feel).

Anyway, our night on the bus was interesting and the play ‘darkly comic’ in places and it was quite a harrowing story, delivered in an intimate setting. There was over 50 characters played by one man, he was exhausted after the 90 minutes and it left you grateful that you hadn’t had any of those experiences.

A fair distance from us in the UBC (University of British Columbia) Botancial Gardens. It is a ferry, skytrain and bus to get there + a longish walk when you get of the bus, then a walk around the park! We picked up tickets on Groupon for entrance to the park and the tree-walk. Again it is a test for me, especially a moving walkway! It wasn’t too busy so I was able to take my time. 300 metres winding through the trees at 20 metres of the ground and I did it – even the birds-nest! It certainly does give you an entirely different perspective of the huge trees and an opportunity to see and hear the birds.

Well that’s it for now, we have less than two weeks left here. A month was probably a bit too long! While Vancouver is beautiful, and our dog/apartment gorgeous we have nearly exhausted our ‘things to do’ list. And we are hampered by time [leave the dog for max 5 hours], so day trips are out of the question. Nevertheless, it has been a great stop and we are now planning for our departure on the 10th October. Chow for now 😊


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