London’s calling…

The last few days saw us in South Carolina, Georgia [drove right on thru!] and back to Florida.

Before we left North Charleston we went to the Fire Museum. It was only a small museum, but it had the most beautifully restored ‘fire engines’ and we really enjoyed spending an hour or so here on a very wet and rainy day. The history of those trucks and what they used in years-gone-by was quite fascinating. Actually the day started out with a violent thunder storm that had all our fury friends freaking out! We only popped out to do this for a short time, as they had been so traumatised we didn’t like to leave them long!!

Wouldn’t you want to live in ‘Peach Tree Heights’ – it sounds very romantic!

So with only one day left in Charleston my husband had a romantic moment and suggested that we do a horse and carriage ride. We found a deal on-line and headed back into town. After a walk around some streets we hadn’t been on and another visit to the Theatre (best loo’s in town!) we hopped on our carriage for a romantic trip around town with 9 other people πŸ˜‚. Actually 7 of them were Aussies who were in the area for a fire conference. We told them about the fire museum and they hadn’t heard about it!! Really!!

While we were waiting for our carriage ride we decided to get coffee and it was recommend to go to ‘Bitty and Beaus’. This place is staffed by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so you have to have a bit of patience. We were served expertly by our two girls. They were very serious about their jobs and took such a lot of care to make sure they got it right! Such an awesome place, and I urge you to find a Bitty and Beaus franchise and support them.

So we eventually loaded for our ‘romantic tour’ [with 9 others] The young guy who took us around was funny and informative. We learnt all sorts of things from him. We passed through a few streets we hadn’t been on, learnt about how low Charleston sits [highest point above high tide is 144 inches] and how when it floods they just get on with it!

As our pet/house sit came to an end we tidied up, walked our furry friends and beat a hasty retreat outa there. We weren’t to sad to be leaving here!! After a couple of days driving we are now in Boynton Beach. We have had great weather, so the drive down was pretty good. Tomorrow we head to Fort Lauderdale for our flight to London.

So it is six months in on this trip of lifetime and just like that our USA/Canada trip has come to an end … see you in London!



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  1. What a wonderful 6 months you have had and by the sound of it the next few months will be just as exciting. Love all your photos and informative commentaries – keep them coming.

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