All good things must come to an end!

MapSo after 11 International house sits, in some incredible countries, we have returned home and it is just the same – it was like [ it ] was on pause!  But we aren’t – well we are the same, but it is just so very weird to put our house back together and fit back in.  Travelling for that length of time challenges what you think, gives you incredible experiences and when you return home you realise that you have grown, and perhaps coming home is harder than leaving!

So how do you ‘fit back in’?  Life moved on, family and friends got used to us not being here and now have to ‘fit us back in’!  We are very lucky to have our own business and that our customers are returning to us, so that will ease the transition.  We are expecting our first grand baby [he is due any day now], so that is wonderful and we are excited to be a part of this milestone with our Daniel and Ashli. And we have a new ‘pound hound’ – ‘Rocky‘.  He is a welcome distraction and needs a lot of walking, giving us the opportunity to explore our own ‘city’, while we adjust to being home.

Rocky (2)

We have always had this urge to travel and I think that we will always be dreaming, gazing to the horizon and plotting for another opportunity for adventure.  House sitting was a fantastic way to travel and hopefully we can continue to do it.  We wouldn’t hesitate to have someone in our home to care for ‘Rocky‘ and are so very grateful to all the wonderful people who trusted us in their homes, with their gorgeous animals.

Irish Blessing.png

Before we left on our ‘epic trip’, I decided that I would use the opening line from this Irish Blessing for my blog post.  It is with a nod to my Irish Heritage and hopefully somewhere along this path of life, we will connect with all the amazing people we met. We have of course invited everyone we met to New Zealand to stay with us and will have our first ‘guests’ in November.

New Zealand – USA – Canada – USA – UK – Cyprus – Malta – UK – Ireland – France – Greece – Bulgaria – Dubai – Spain – France – Portugal – Germany – Singapore – Australia – New Zealand – it was epic and we are back.

summary picture


“Don’t cry because it’s over…. smile because it happened.” 


4 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end!

  1. You threw off the bowlines and sailed away from the safe harbour. Caught the trade winds in your sails, explored, dreamed, discovered.
    (Apologies to Mark Twain for a slight adaptation).
    Now you are home there are other adventures and dreams to come but the World will always be out there waiting, just for you.

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  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful adventures you have shared with us. We hope to see you again one day in either NZ or Cairns. Take care – enjoy your new grand baby and your new boy Rocky. Jason and Larinda – met in Seattle July 2018 🙂

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