When the wind blows … it is warm!

Unless you just got out of the pool – I really don’t understand how it can be 44 degrees, and a warm wind blows and you still get that chilled – goosebump feeling! I get in and out of the pool, just so I get that chilled feeling!

We went to the Ethel M chocolate place [part of the Mars Group, which produces the high end range of chocolate] – oh man it is gorgeous. The showroom lady told us that they make snickers bars there as well, and that the snickers bar was named after Mr Mars favourite horse ‘snickers’. We had a look around the operation, saw the chocolate fountain, tasted some, and of course bought some. It was kinda cool, they gave it to you in a bag, with an ice-pack, so that it didn’t melt on the way home.

On-site at the [Ethel M] location is the Cactus Garden, which is a fabulous collection of prickly plants and succulents, together with a variety of of trees from other hot places [like Australia]. It was so hot walking around here – 45 degrees! No wonder our purchase got an ice pack!

We also went to the Silverstone Casino and saw their huge aquarium – very impressive!

We made it in time for the stingray and shark feeding – a diver got into the aquarium and hand fed them. The rays were huge, and there was a reasonably large shark, in with gorgeous fish and fake coral !! Still it looked good.

We had a wander around the Casino, saw the Orange County Chopper bikes [which were sea themed ie: fish / mermaids] and had lunch at Johnny Rockets – burgers of course!

At Silverstone we went into the same Hunting and Fishing chain (Bass Pro) as we did in Orlando [had a photo with a bear there!] and this time it was moose!

An awesome shop, and the best range of cotton shirts that I have seen yet. But alas, no hiking shoes for me from here! It seems my feet are too big!! For those of you that have had the pleasure of shoe shopping with me, you will understand my frustration!!!!!!

Where we are staying in Henderson, by Green Valley Ranch, it is close to the hills, so this morning we got up early, when it was cooler and went for a hike.

We only went for an hour, but as we got further, and further up ‘the hill’, the track got more and more ‘rugged’.

Colin was convinced he was going to find gold in them thar hills, as he kept finding rocks with quartz in them … he reckoned it could be the beginning of his fortune! Personally, I think he would have as much chance as winning on the slot machines!!

Oh my I was hot :-}

Our three cats, are pretty used to us now – the house boss [Zeke] decided he needed some attention this afternoon, while I am trying to type this !!

Zeke and Liliah are all good for a rub, won’t sit on your knee though and the wee foster cat ‘Wednesday’ is getting close but is beyond timid!

So we have got to Friday, having had a quietish week and I have ended it having a pedicure while Colin was at the supermarket…no point us both going!

Now it is beer-a-clock Friday. Catch you soon x

Cheers 🙂


One thought on “When the wind blows … it is warm!

  1. Awesome photos – so much to see and so much time to do it! We are so envious of the endless blue skies but perhaps the locals might like the odd bit of rain – just so they don’t forget what it feels like on their upturned faces! Still, chocolate on the scale you have just seen would help to ease the loss of never having rain – getting swept away by a flash flood of chocolate doesn’t sound too bad!!

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