We’ve been gone a month!

And hasn’t it gone fast …

Las Vegas is still being kind to us with the weather! Most days it is over 40 degrees, and most days we swim in the pool.

One lonely care in the distance …

We decided to go the Cars & Coffee event at Speed Vegas, as it is local to where we are. It was scheduled from 7am-10pm. So we get up have a leisurely breakfast and get there for 8.30am, only to discover there is one publicly parked car (see it parked behind me in the photo with the red drift car!) and a host of Speed Vegas cars which you can purchase a ‘ride’ in for lots of money!! Staring at $50US per lap in a Nissan (why would you!) to $80US per lap for a Lamborghini … trouble is you can’t just do one lap! I think it was a 5 lap minimum!! + insurance + race suit, shoes etc, so unless you have won lotsa money in the casinos [or own one] it is not something your average tourist does.

Entrance tunnel to the inn-field…

From there we had on our to do list to go Las Vegas Speedway and do their tour. Speed Vegas and LV Speedway are on the same road, so all good. Only thing is that 7000 LV Blvd and 14200 LV Blvd are much further apart than you anticipate! When we got over to the Speedway – they weren’t doing tours that day, so told us to drive thru to the in-field and have a look around – and come back Tuesday for the tour. I don’t think so!!!

We have been to Old Fort Las Vegas which was built by the Church of Latter-Day Saints and houses the first building in Las Vegas. The missionaries built this fort alongside a spring-fed creek and it was an interesting place to learn about Las Vegas and the history of the early pioneer settlers. I couldn’t help but think how ironic that Las Vegas [‘Sin City’] is now the polar opposite of those Mormon beliefs! Those old carriages that those first pioneers travelled in weren’t known for their ‘comfort’ and I am not sure today, that we really understand the hardship of those pioneers (not to mention the lack of air-con – I am only coping because of the air-con, the pool and the odd beer or two).

Earlier in the week we decided to go and stay on ‘the strip’. Shane, a colleague of many an event, was in town with his partner Nicole. So we booked into Excalibur as they had a seemingly great deal – $23US (and Shane and Nicole were there). So you pay your $$$$ per night and then when you check-in you have to pay a resort fee! That is $79US per night. And then you pay tax … nothing is ever at the face value anymore, not just here, but in everything we do – here, home, on-line – any bargain should be researched to the inth degree.

View from the cheap rooms …. and no coffee or tea in the rooms! Starbucks have a captured market!

Nicole, Shane, Colin and me having lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

We had a great time exploring up and down the strip [things we missed on our first day], exploring all those magical Resorts, with the most amazing architecture and theming. We went back through Bellagio and had a quick look again at the botanical garden again, wandered through New York, New York, Luxor, Caesars Palace, Flamingo and Mandalay Bay (this is where that madman shot at everyone last year!). You can sorta get lost roaming inside them, especially as they all are connected. We had a look at some of the galleries, saw the gondolas, visited the flamingos and walked thru ThePark.

Inside Luxor Pyramid

All in all Las Vegas is an amazing, fun, extravagant and expensive.

While we were in ‘town’ we went to see Cirque Du Soleil ‘Zumanity’. It is an R18 show and from that you can imagine it is not for everyone! It was really funny, really interactive with gorgeous costumes [and a lot of skin!!] and amazing performers. It was a little bit cheeky, a lot sexy and not something you would take your grandmother too! Definitely glad we sat in the balcony and there was no chance of getting up on stage!!

I burgled this picture from the www … it sorta looks like a painting, but it was very real when watching it!The Finale was the only time we were allowed to take photos…and the only time we saw this many costumes!

We also decided to go to Tournament of Kings (which was at our resort) and is a dinner and show experience. It is the story of the King Arthur Knights and the round table. 900s seats in an arena where the knights on horses [which were amazing] have their tournament [sword fights, jousting, and spear throwing] and feast, while you watch and interact while having your feast. Dinner is a ‘use your hands’ experience – rip apart your ‘whole chicken’ [probably a size 4 :)], gnaw on your broccoli, slurp ya soup [dragon’s blood] and wipe your plate with a ‘biscuit’ [scone like thing]. Your dinner is all but thrown at you and they don’t clean up. While eating and drinking you are expected to cheer for your country [we were France] and bang the tables in support of your knight. All in all it was a bit of fun, and although we probably wouldn’t go again, we did enjoy it.

I also burgled this pic!

Katie [whose house/cats we look after] forwarded me an email with details of the LV 51’s baseball game which was on at Cashman Field (seats 9,300). So we quickly got tickets and headed on out to see it. It is a minor league game, and the games are usually 2-3 hours. Last night it was 4hrs, so you could say we got value for money and an amazing fireworks show.

Today being the 4th of July, we have tickets to the Star Spangled Spectacular. I will catch you up with the details next time.

Lots of love from Vegas …


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  1. Wow, you really are living the life! There’s nothing like living in a community and enjoying everything that it has to offer. All care and no responsibility – way to go!!

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